Why am I writing this blog?

What up Survivors?

So, why am I starting this blog?… Glad you asked 🙂

There are several reasons why so we’re gonna go through them in list form:

  1. Everybody everywhere is always like, “Yeah you should keep a journal so that you can look back and remember your life”. Actually, this is some pretty solid advice. However, I’ve tried and tried to keep up a journal but it’s just never panned out. Instead, I’m gonna do this blog paired with a Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFswJSSwn_bYG335vt0b97g). It’ll act as a record of all my memories, good times, and crazy stories throughout my life (you know for my biographer 😉 haha)
  2. Reason number two… For you guys. Everything I’m sharing and will share will be for the benefit of the Survivor family. It’s hard out there. The 21st century is a literal jungle. Sometimes you need some advice to get through, and sometimes you just need a friend. Growing up, for me that was always this YouTube channel called Swoozie. Watching those videos and seeing new ones be uploaded was a constant in an always moving world. Like that T.V. show you love or the movie you watch when you’re sick or it’s raining outside. Sometimes its just nice to have something to hold onto. It’d be a pleasure to be that for all of you. I mean, you’re already family (SURVIVOR FAMILY!)
  3. I have a lot of passions. Gaming, film, literature, poetry, food (especially sushi), music… and kind of a crazy life filled with weird stories. I want to share that with all of you.

Although there are many more reasons for doing this, those are the main ones and I don’t want to bore you with a super long post. Sometime tomorrow, I’ll be uploading the video part of this on my channel so be sure to check that out. In these coming months, there will be a steady stream of great content and you don’t want to miss any of it. Join the family and become a survivor to get updates every time I share all my sage wisdom. Be careful out there…

Your friendly-neighborhood best friend,

KC ❤


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